Antique Doll Trunks

Some of the most beautiful Victorian trunks are doll trunks. They were made for little girls to store and carry their doll clothes. Many are still being made round the world today but the true Victorian beauties are becoming extremely rare. Collecting doll trunks has become a hobby all its own. Here are some of the miniatures that we’ve restored.span>
Please note that all of the doll trunks below are EXAMPLES. They are in private collections and NOT FOR SALE.

Western Squares

Western Squares paper was all the rage in the 1870s and continued for several years both on regular size trunks and doll trunks. It’s an extremely rare find in either size with all the original paper on the trunk. 13″ wide x 8″ front to back x 8″ tall

Dome Top Doll Trunk With Pinwheel Embossed Pattern

Note that without a reference for the eye it’s impossible to tell that this is an exact miniature and not one of its big sisters. This beautiful little dome top also has a tray and wonderful lithograph artwork of a little girl sitting on a fence. 14″ wide x 10″ front to back x 11″ tall

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