Happy Holidays
Winter Holiday Sale! 25% off everything in the Showroom. You do the math and call us on 336.765.3998 or email us at: contactus@oldtrunks.com
Happy Holidays

Contact Us

1. How to Contact Us To Place An Order

Telephone: For ORDERS ONLY!, please call 336-765-3998

Call Treasured Chests (336.765.3998) to Place an Order


Email us at: contactus@oldtrunks.com                 Email Treasured Chests (contactus@oldtrunks.com) to place an Order

2. How to Contact Us For Any Other Reason

We will be glad to help in any way we can with your questions and requests for help concerning antique trunks. Here are a few ways that you can help us too.

Rather than call us, PLEASE send your questions via email. If you have questions about a specific trunk of your own then you may need to send us photos. There were thousands and thousands of different trunks made during the Victorian era plus many that came just afterwards. We prefer that you send all photos via email.

All of us at Treasured Chests thank you for your cooperation.

Treasured Chests accepts the following methods of payment:


We also accept money orders and personal checks (merchandise ordered with personal checks must be held 7 days after we receive the check.)
OR You can take advantage of our
Free Layaway Program.

Call us at 336-765-3998 or email us at: contactus@oldtrunks.com