Miscellaneous Trunk Styles

Steel Trunks

When steel became more available several  manufacturers in England started stamping trunks out of steel. Much different from other antique trunks they are very collectable. Most have solid brass trim and locks. Most also have real or simulated heavy knobs on top to protect the trunk when other trunks were stacked on top. Below is an example of a steel trunk.

 Cunard Steel Trunk Made by Jones Brothers, England

Jones Brothers was one of the most prolific steel trunk makers in England. Here is another fine example of their work. This model won an International award in 1884. Inside are three labels. Outside is the beautifully detailed solid brass working lock and original key.This particular trunk is for sale at Treasured Chests as-is. It’s in very good condition with its original paint. It measures 25″ wide x 17″ deep (front to back) x 18″ tall and weighs 19 lbs. Price $399 (Sold to a [repeat] Treasured Customer in [Hollywood], CA)

Sole Leather Trunks

These trunks were made almost completely of leather. Most of these have not fared well since leather will eventually deteriorate unless kept in a controlled atmosphere. We can save the ones that have made it by treating the leather with a good leather preservative. Most of the sole leather trunks had a very light metal frame covered with a layer of cardboard and then the leather layer. The example below has one of the prettiest interiors of any trunk we’ve ever found. It dates back to the 1860s. It measures 30″ long x 18″ deep (front to back) x 19″ tall. Note the very nice tray and compartment that completely fills the interior of  the lid. (Sold to a Treasured Customer in Singapore)

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