(Sold) Item #14-Cute but Rugged Toy Chest from 1950s (Sold)

This is one of the cutest but probably the most rugged toy chest we’ve ever had. The artwork on front and top includes a kitten, puppy, alphabet blocks and a ball. It’s the only toy chest with this particular artwork we’ve ever seen. It’s made of pine with beautiful pine knots. The remnants of a maker’s label on the bottom gave us just enough clues to recognize Cass Toys, a major toy chest maker. The chest is original except for the addition of safety lid supports that hold the lid in any position you leave it. (So that little fingers are not pinched, if you want to pass it on to a younger generation.) We’ve cleaned and resealed the wood and left just enough bruises on it to show its age. The artwork needed some slight touch up but is mint now. We cleaned and polished all the original metal buttons. The last step was to coat the entire inside and outside surfaces with an invisible protective clear-coat. This is a fantastic memory from the 50s and it won’t be long before someone snatches it up, so if you like it as well as everyone here then give us a call at 336-765-3998 or Email us at: contactus@oldtrunks.com and we’ll have it professionally packed & on its way to your home within hours.

Dimensions: 30″ wide x 15″ deep (front to back) x 15″ tall. 30 lbs.

Price: $299

History: This chest dates back to the 1950s. We found it near Bellvue, MI.

To Order, call 336-765-3998 orEmail us at: contactus@oldtrunks.com

Please note the following item number: Item # SP-09-09 (Puppy Toy Chest).

(Sold) Interior, Safety Lid Stays of 1950s Toy Chest (Sold)

Safety Lid Stays hold lid anywhere you leave it
 so little fingers don’t get pinched.

(Sold) End Views of Very Pretty 1950s Toy Chest (Sold)

(Sold) Rear Views of 1950s Toy Chest (Sold)

You never have to hide the back or any other part of our restorations. 

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